A Homemade Green-house at MCFI

23rd Nov 2017

After having contributed to the development of the local agricultural sector, the Mauritius Chemical and Fertilizer Industry (MCFI) moves further and steps into the world of modern micro-scale agriculture. In August 2017, the company inaugurated its greenhouse.

Made by the people for the people


Pascal Boris on (the) Board !

16th Nov 2017

Pascal Boris, our new board member is an experienced non-executive director (chair of board and remuneration committee, member of strategy committee). He has been an independent non-executive director of Grant Thornton International Ltd since 2012. He chaired the supervisory board of Bank Insinger d...

Les Foulées de l'espoir 2018: ils ont couru contre le cancer !

29th Oct 2017

Le 22 octobre dernier, plusieurs centaines de personnes se sont rassemblées au Domaine Les Pailles à l'occasion de la 4ème édition de “SICOM - Les Foulées de L'Espoir”. Parmi elles, 29 volontaires venant de différents business units d'Harel Mallac se sont également mobilisés pour courir contre le...

En Chiffres: Harel Mallac Technologies, empowering leaders to prosper.

20th Aug 2017

The world we live in is increasingly backed by - and dependent on - technology. From sending and receiving a simple email to making use of intelligent machines such as ATM’s, electronic cash registers and softwares that store, organize and analyse a huge amount of information and data about a compan...

Why is the Code of Ethics so important?

3rd Aug 2017

A year after the pledge to “Make a Difference for the Better”, Harel Mallac launched its revised Code of Ethics on 20 November 2017. The new code illustrates the “Harel Mallac way of doing business”, i.e. with Agility, Care and Trust (ACT). Over and above rules and regulations, Harel Mallac is built...