Patrice Marie, COO of the Chemicals, Fertilisers and Hygiene division

30th Aug 2018

Patrice Marie has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for the CFH Division, and assumed his new position in June 2018.

With 26 years of experience working for a multinational FMCG company, British American Tobacco, Patrice has held various Trade Marketing & Distribution, Marketing, Gener...

La Fondation Harel Mallac renouvelle son soutien au Collège Technique Saint Gabriel

30th Aug 2018

En accord avec la volonté de notre Groupe de créer une île Maurice meilleure, l'intégration sociale et professionnelle de tous les Mauriciens dans le développement du pays nous tient à cœur. Harel Mallac soutient ainsi continuellement le développement communautaire à travers sa fondation.


New Directors now on Board

29th Aug 2018

With the start of the new fiscal year underway, we are honoured to welcome two new members to Harel Mallac Board of Directors, Christian Bégougne de Juniac and Daniel Giraud.

Christian Bégougne de Juniac

Christian Bégougne de Juniac is a graduate of Cambridge University and holds a MBA from Harv...

Harel Mallac Technologies Incubates to Innovate

29th Aug 2018

A year ago, Harel Mallac Technologies successfully implemented an Innovation Incubator aimed at nurturing internal game-changing initiatives and fostering innovation within the company to better craft its future.

An innovative company requires two things: Firstly, its capacity to produce products...

Le Face à Face: Dr Chris Pierce, on the new Code of Corporate Governance

23rd Aug 2018

The New Code of Corporate Governance was the highlight of a one-day workshop in February 2018 lead by Dr Chris Pierce, CEO of Global Governance Services Ltd in the UK, who has been working with policymakers, directors and boards all over the world. Fully committed to the highest standards of bus...