Comment le Covid-19 a changé (en mieux !) notre façon de travailler chez HMT

27th Nov 2020

Toutes les entreprises du pays ont été affectées par la pandémie et le confinement qui en a résulté durant le premier semestre 2020. Chez Harel Mallac Technologies, ces bouleversements ont constitué un laboratoire d’essai pour repenser l’organisation du travail. Voici un aperçu des changements adopt...

The Man Behind the Mauritius' Internet Governance Forum: Mahen Busgopaul

13th Oct 2020

This weekend, Harel Mallac Technologies joined forces with the Halley Movement to host the fourth Mauritius Internet Governance Forum (IGF). It was a great opportunity got CONNEXION to know more about the IGF from its initiator in Mauritius, Mr. Mahen Busgopaul.

CONNEXION: This year was the fourth...

Meet Harel Mallac Technologies

11th Feb 2020

After 31 successful years of activities, Harel Mallac Technologies doesn’t need any introduction. But did you know that if you can watch the parliamentary debates live on your TV, it is thanks to this innovative company? Or that it was involved in the development of high-end technology for our local...

Interview of Sameera Chattun Koyratty (Women in Tech Africa)

25th Sep 2019

‘Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision.’

Sameera Chattun Koyratty, the Mauritian Chapter Lead of Women in TechAfrica (WiTA) lives by these words. Unfortunately, uncooperative work environments and the infamous glass ceiling still prevent many girls from turning their dreams into v...

Harel Mallac Technologies contributes to create a strong generation of Techs for Mauritius.

30th Apr 2019

On 15 April 2019, Harel Mallac Technologies (HMT) and the University of Mauritius signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will grant university students various opportunities to hone their skills in parallel with their studies, and access quality employment more easily, after graduation.