Harel Mallac Technologies Incubates to Innovate

29th Aug 2018

A year ago, Harel Mallac Technologies successfully implemented an Innovation Incubator aimed at nurturing internal game-changing initiatives and fostering innovation within the company to better craft its future.

An innovative company requires two things: Firstly, its capacity to produce products...

Harel Mallac Technologies welcomes colleagues from Madagascar for training.

2nd Apr 2018

From February 18th to March 1st, the Business Automation Services team of Harel Mallac Technologies welcomed two of their Malagasy colleagues, Bien-Aimé Randrianatoandro and Nantenaina Rasoloarijaona for a training and sharing of good practices. Harel Mallac Technologies Madagascar is indeed embarki...

En Chiffres: Harel Mallac Technologies, empowering leaders to prosper.

20th Aug 2017

The world we live in is increasingly backed by - and dependent on - technology. From sending and receiving a simple email to making use of intelligent machines such as ATM’s, electronic cash registers and softwares that store, organize and analyse a huge amount of information and data about a compan...

AlwaysOn, l’internet haut débit « dan Moris antié »

10th May 2017

Harel Mallac Technologies s’est associé à AlwaysOnMtius (l’opérateur numéro un en Afrique du Sud) pour offrir aux Mauriciens une couverture Wi-Fi haut débit à travers des hot-spots (points Wi-Fi).

Lancé en avril 2017, ce concept d’accès haut débit, fiable et à un tarif compétitif (50MB gratuits...