Interview of Sameera Chattun Koyratty (Women in Tech Africa)

25th Sep 2019

‘Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision.’

Sameera Chattun Koyratty, the Mauritian Chapter Lead of Women in TechAfrica (WiTA) lives by these words. Unfortunately, uncooperative work environments and the infamous glass ceiling still prevent many girls from turning their dreams into v...

Harel Mallac Technologies contributes to create a strong generation of Techs for Mauritius.

30th Apr 2019

On 15 April 2019, Harel Mallac Technologies (HMT) and the University of Mauritius signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which will grant university students various opportunities to hone their skills in parallel with their studies, and access quality employment more easily, after graduation.


The LEAN Startup, explained by Alvinesh Jugun

12th Nov 2018

At the turn of the 20th century, Toyota revolutionized the whole concept of efficiency and process optimization through a method which they termed as LEAN manufacturing. Inspired by this concept, Eric Ries proposed, through his book the “LEAN STARTUP”, to apply the same adapted tactics for startup...

Harel Mallac Technologies presents GEN V CYBER SECURITY, the security that prevents 5th-generation cyber attacks

16th Oct 2018

In collaboration with Check Point, the world’s leading provider in Gen V security solutions, Harel Mallac Technologies presented the Security that Prevents Fifth-Generation Cyber Attacks, an advanced threat-prevention and centralised management to protect from today’s cyber-attacks during a worksh...

Harel Mallac Technologies: 30 Years on the Move

1st Oct 2018

Harel Mallac Technologies has reached an important milestone on August 25th this year by celebrating its 30 years of existence in the ICT Industry. The story of the technology and innovation driven organisation all started in 1988 with the vision of Mr. Antoine L. Harel, current chairman of the Grou...