Mainstreaming our Guiding Principles

13th Dec 2019

2019 is nearly over. As we close in on the final days of the year, it’s all too human to reflect on how impactful our actions have been during this time.

At Harel Mallac, 2019 has been both challenging and fruitful: among other accomplishments, we successfully built two of the island’s largest ph...

Yannick Applasamy, four months down the track.

Yannick Applasamy has been in Novengi’s hot seat for only a few months now, but he wears the crown well. 

The self-professed nerd and father of two buzzes with excitement at Novengi’s potential, and his vision for the company extends much further than the confines of our island. We sat down with Y...

Interview of Sameera Chattun Koyratty (Women in Tech Africa)

25th Sep 2019

‘Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision.’

Sameera Chattun Koyratty, the Mauritian Chapter Lead of Women in TechAfrica (WiTA) lives by these words. Unfortunately, uncooperative work environments and the infamous glass ceiling still prevent many girls from turning their dreams into v...

Our #EmployeeJourney Framework: Empowering employees. Future-proofing the Group

23rd Jul 2019

At Harel Mallac, we know that our group is only as strong as the individuals it comprises. It was thus a very conscious decision on our part to place our “People” as the first commitment of Harel Mallac, during our strategic rebranding in 2016, where our purpose was to “make a difference for the be...

Keshav Manu, une success story chez Novengi

10th Jul 2019

En complément à ses études de mécanique au Centre Technique Saint Gabriel, financées par la Fondation Harel Mallac, le jeune Keshav Manu avait effectué un stage dans le département maintenance de Novengi, notre filiale d’équipement industriel. Il a par la suite décroché un emploi dans l’entreprise.