Financial Summary for the first quarter of 2019: progressing towards our year’s goals.

5th Jun 2019 Group

The results reflect the profound changes we are effecting across the group in 2019: inter alia, achieving organic growth on the international market, completing our digital transformation and the implementation of a “customer-centric” approach to business via Design Thinking.

The start of 2019 was successful in terms of progress towards the year’s goals.

We have successfully set up a photovoltaic farm for the CEB Green Energy in Henrietta, and prepared the site for another solar farm, located in Petite-Rivière. Delivered by our subsidiary, Corexsolar, we are confident that these are only the first of many projects that will lead to a greener and better Mauritius.

Discover more about the latest Solar Farm in this article.

We are making great progress in regard to shifting our decision-making process towards design thinking. The implementation of Design Thinking in our strategic processes is critical to continue delivering innovative products and services to our clients. 


‘Design Thinking will allow us to find even more innovative solutions for our clients.’


"The principle behind Design Thinking is to develop empathy for the client by understanding their difficulties, needs, and wants. This thinking process allows us to find innovative ideas and solutions to ease these pain points," says Vanessa Leclézio– Hippert, our Group Head of Corporate Services. 

As we look forward to meeting all the exciting challenges for the rest of the year, we trust that our desire to change and bring about change for the better will result in a positive impact for our group and for Mauritius.